Excellence & innovation in primary and construction sector productivity solutions

Do you need a dedicated and forward-thinking engineering partner to help you design, develop, build or maintain your plant or equipment? Within the Trinder Group, all of our products and services are focused on improving your process, functionality and productivity. We see our job as enabling you to better serve your industry and your customers.

Areas of Specialisation

Trinder Engineers

Access platforms, walkways and machine guarding

Safety is paramount. Well-designed access platforms, walkways and guardrail systems work to safely isolate your people from risks and hazards in the workplace. More »

Mechanical equipment / machine design & automation

Practical mechanical solutions enhance safety and increase your productivity. Benefit from our ongoing research and dedicated partnerships with our own clients and wider industry in this field. More »

Site engineering maintenance / Jobbing

Can your equipment be better optimised to achieve improved maintainability, reliability and availability? Talk to us and see! We also carry out commercial, industrial and one-off production jobbing work to meet your needs. More »

General engineering

What are your requirements? We stock a wide range of mild, medium and high strength steel as well as abrasion plate, round and hollow sections, to meet your general engineering and repair needs. More »

Structural steelwork

We are frequent suppliers of traditional structural steelwork for commercial, industrial and residential applications, as well as structural work for engineered timber construction buildings. More »

Stainless steel and coded pipework

Trinder Group are specialists in the design, fabrication and machining of stainless steel, carbon steel and aluminium materials. More »

Forestry equipment

As a contractor, you will be focused on production – both in forest and off site – and so are we. Logging truck, trailer and forestry equipment engineering is our specialty – from design and manufacture to repair and modifications. More »

Heavy / specialised transport

Waimea Engineering are the only heavy vehicle manufacturing certifiers in the Nelson Tasman region. More »

Chassis Straightening

Waimea Engineering specialises in heavy vehicle chassis repair without heating, cutting or welding. More »

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